Our Causes


Opportunity For All

GOAL : 1320000 £

RAISED : 29500 £

Courtney Jordan Foundation offers microfinance assistance in special needs situations. We have trained individuals and helped them establish a small enterprise when there are specific extreme needs which we are made aware of.

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Resources For All

GOAL : 190000 £

RAISED : 25800 £

Courtney Jordan Foundation is providing the monetary resources to marginalized populations to produce goods needed by others in poverty and changing lives.  Women who were sewing washable and reusable sanitary pads for women and girls in need.

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A Future for all

GOAL : 420000 £

RAISED : 45000 £

Courtney Jordan Foundation empowers people with sustainable solutions to help them have a better life by finding enterprising under resourced individuals in the most unreached locations in the world with

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